Arabic Language Learning
English edition  
June  2009
384 pp.
16.5X24 cm
ISBN 9789774162343
For sale only in Egypt and North America


al-Kitab al-asasi

fi ta‘lim al-lugha al-‘arabiya li-ghayr al-natiqin biha. al-Mu‘jam al-musa‘id (Lexicon) Abdellatif Abid et al.

A fully revised and expanded new edition of the favorite Modern Standard Arabic study series

This three-part course in Modern Standard Arabic for non-native speakers approaches the language through a series of themed topics—daily life in the Arab world, politics and governance, literature and the arts, science and medicine, astronomy—concentrates principally on listening and speaking skills. In each section, vocabulary is built up as various linguistic structures and strategies are introduced and practiced in a clear introduction to Arabic grammar. A CD accompanies Volume 1, and a supplementary dictionary, al-Mu‘jam al-musa‘id, gives a complete key to the vocabulary of all three books in four languages: English, French, German, and Spanish. Comprehensive and easily digestible, varied and informative, these books make an ideal basis for a classroom-based course in Arabic anywhere in the world.
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