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The Nile Cruise

An Illustrated Journey Photographs by Sherif Sonbol
Text by Jenny Jobbins

The perfect companion to one of the world’s great travel experiences

Since Cleopatra treated Caesar to a magnificent progress upriver on her royal barge, a cruise on the Nile has been an essential component of many visitors’ trips to Egypt. Today, thousands take this unforgettable journey of a lifetime on one of the many luxury cruise ships that sail the Nile between Luxor and Aswan. With 150 superb color photographs by veteran photographer Sherif Sonbol, and vivid descriptions by travel writer Jenny Jobbins, this fully illustrated celebration of the classic river journey is the ideal foretaste of, companion to, or souvenir from a modern Nile cruise. From the great temples, mysterious royal sepulchers, and intimate private tombs of Luxor, via the smaller temples and bustling towns along the river, to the serene beauty of Aswan and to the world-famous attractions of Philae and Abu Simbel beyond, this exquisitely designed book covers all the main sites on the Nile cruise itinerary.
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Sherif Sonbol is a highly regarded Egyptian photographer. He has contributed photographs to numerous illustrated books, including The Churches of Egypt (AUC Press, 2008). Jenny Jobbins is a writer and journalist who has lived and worked in the region for many years. She is the co-author of Alexandria and the Egyptian Mediterranean: A Traveler’s Guide (AUC Press, 2008). When not in Egypt she lives in Cornwall and New Brunswick.

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