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al-Kitab al-mufid

An Introduction to Modern Written Arabic Manfred Woidich
Rabha Heinen-Nasr

A new coursebook in modern standard Arabic from the authors of kullu tamam!

This sequel to the well-known kullu tamam!, on Egyptian Arabic, by the same authors, focuses on the modern written language used in real life by providing short texts taken from Egyptian newspapers, official statements, and the internet, and introduces personal and business letters, some of them in handwritten form (ruq‘a). For those who have studied kullu tamam!, the first lessons give contrastive word lists and exercises to make the link with Egyptian Colloquial Arabic. Extensive pattern drills, translation exercises in both directions, and writing exercises aid understanding and encourage active use of the language. The key to the exercises, the Arabic –English / English –Arabic glossary, and the audio CD containing the texts allow for classroom use as well as for self-study.
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Manfred Woidich is a retired professor of Arabic and Islamic studies at the University of Amsterdam, and is the author of several books on the colloquial Arabic of Egypt. Rabha Heinen-Nasr is a lecturer in the Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies at the University of Amsterdam

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“Woidich (retired) and Heinen-Nasr (both Arabic and Islamic Studies, University of Amsterdam) have translated the Dutch textbook they developed and have been using, and have updated it and enlarged it to 22 lessons. The emphasis is on modern written Arabic, with example texts from newspapers, journals, official statements, and the Internet. Readers entirely new to Arabic should read the first chapter and listen to the disk before starting to learn the script, they say. After elementary matters, each lesson contains texts, explanations of grammar, and drills and exercises.”—Reference and Research Book News (February 2012)

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