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A History of Egypt

From Earliest Times to the Present Jason Thompson

New paperback edition updated to 2011

This cohesive account of Egypt’s millennia-long past offers readers a sure guide through the sometimes labyrinthine corridors of Egypt’s past, from the mysterious predynastic kingdoms to the nation-state of the twenty-first century. The author addresses central scholarly issues such as how Egyptian history can be treated as a whole and how the west has shaped prevailing images of it, both through direct contact and through the lens of western scholarship. Drawing on current historical scholarship as well as his own research, Jason Thompson has written a remarkable work of synthesis and concision, offering students, travelers, and general readers alike an engaging one-volume narrative of the extraordinarily long course of human history by the Nile. This updated paperback edition contains new material on the 25 January Revolution and the fall of the Mubarak regime.
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Jason Thompson is the author of Sir Gardiner Wilkinson and His Circle and Edward William Lane (AUC Press, 2010), and the editor of Edward William Lane’s Description of Egypt (AUC Press, 2000), and An Account of the Manners and Customs of the Modern Egyptians (AUC Press, 2003),

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"A remarkable work of synthesis, cohesion, and understanding."—Al-Ahram Weekly//endoftext//endoftext"[An] excellent summation of the flow of Egyptian history."—Egyptian Archaeology//endoftext//endoftext"[The] dearth of comprehensive histories is answered handsomely by Thompson's survey."—Saudi Aramco World//endoftext//endoftext

“Intended to offer travelers especially a basic background in Egyptian history, Thompson’s survey fluidly relates thousands of years of time. . . . An excellent introduction to Egyptian history.”—Gilbert Taylor, Booklist

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