Arabic Language Learning
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December  2013
320 pp.
17X24 cm
ISBN 9789774166136
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Building Arabic Vocabulary through Reading

For Advanced Students of MSA Nariman Naili Al-Warraki
Nadia Harb

An MSA companion book that allows a student to enhance reading comprehension and reinforce vocabulary through the examination of various articles on current events and aspects of Arab society

Advanced and High Intermediate Arabic learners can benefit greatly from reading texts that cover a broad range of different themes, to build their vocabulary and attain a higher proficiency level. The authors of this textbook have carefully selected a lively variety of texts that cover controversial issues and current events, which are likely to arouse students’ attention and interest. In the course of reading to learn, students will not only practice strategies (skimming, scanning, careful reading, and guessing for vocabulary recognition), but they will also engage more deeply in the material as informative of Arab and Egyptian society, politics, and culture. Another important objective is to direct the attention of the student to MSA connectors, which are essential for comprehension. Readers will begin to notice high-frequency words and idiomatic expressions in multiple contexts, reinforcing their retention and ability to then use them in discussion. The grammatical structures of MSA styles occurring in the texts can be reviewed and reinforced. The texts appear in order from least to greatest linguistic complexity, and to a certain extent, by the topic which they tackle. This makes it easy for instructors to choose the most level-appropriate material to present to their classes. An experimental copy of the book has been piloted over the last four years at the Arabic Language Institute at the American University in Cairo, with the result that the first 15 lessons have been deemed correct for the high intermediate level and the remaining lessons for advanced students. The book includes exercises after every five lessons, and all the drills are gathered in an appendix following the text, as well as a glossary for all vocabulary items.
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Nariman Naili Al-Warraki is senior Arabic language instructor and former director of the Arabic Language Unit of the Arabic Language Institute at the American University in Cairo. Nadia Harb is a senior instructor at the American University in Cairo Center for Arabic Study Abroad, and is the recipient of the CASA Excellence in Teaching Award.

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