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January  2017
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Mapping My Return

A Palestinian Memoir Salman Abu Sitta

The only memoir in English by a Palestinian Arab who grew up in the Beersheba district prior to 1948

Salman Abu Sitta was just ten years old when the Nakba—the mass expulsion of Palestinians in 1948—happened, forcing him from his home near Beersheba. Like many Palestinians of his generation, this traumatic loss and his enduring desire to return would be the defining features of his life from that moment on.

Abu Sitta vividly evokes the vanished world of his family and home on the eve of the Nakba, giving a personal and very human face to the dramatic events of 1930s and 1940s Palestine as Zionist ambitions and militarization expanded under the British mandate. He chronicles his life in exile, from his family’s flight to Gaza, his teenage years as a student in Nasser’s Egypt, his formative years in 1960s London, his life as a family man and academic in Canada, to several sojourns in Kuwait. Abu Sitta’s long and winding journey has taken him through many of the seismic events of the era, from the 1956 Suez War to the 1991 Gulf War.

This rich and moving memoir is imbued throughout with a burning sense of justice and a determination to recover and document what rightfully belongs to his people, given expression in his groundbreaking mapping work on his homeland. Abu Sitta, with warmth and wit, tells his story and that of Palestine.

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Salman Abu Sitta was born in 1937 in Ma‘in Abu Sitta, in the Beersheba district of mandate Palestine. An engineer by profession, he is best known for his cartographic work on Palestine and his work on the Palestinian Right of Return. He is the author of six books and over 300 articles and papers on Palestine, including The Atlas of Palestine, 1917–1966 (2010). He is the founder and president of the Palestine Land Society

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"Abu Sitta’s memoir conveys a still burning sense of outrage at the injustice of the dispossession of the Palestinians and the denial of their rights—a personal and collective Nakba without end.”—Ian Black, The Guardian

"This is a book that should be a mandatory study for young Palestinians and all those who believe in the justice of their cause and their right to return"—Daud Abdullah, Middle East Monitor

"This is a highly readable book, much recommended to anyone with an interest in Palestinian history. More than that, it is a significant piece of documentation, recounting events and ways of life which have largely been forgotten or erased.”—Sarah Ivring, The Electronic Intifada

"Much more than a personal memoir."—Middle East Monitor

"This memoir is crucial to understanding why and how the Palestinian question has not been put to rest after 68 years.”—Al-Ahram Weekly

"Especially since less has been written about South Palestine than about other parts of the country, Abu Sitta’s account is a valuable contribution to Palestinian political and social history. “—Sally Bland, The Jordan Times

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