Archaeology and Ancient Egypt
English edition  
June  2018
120 pp.
80 color illus. 
18X23 cm
ISBN 9789774168666
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In My Own Hieroglyphs Leena Pekkalainen

EXCLUSIVE: Tutankhamun Tells His Side of the Story at Last

What was it like to grow up in the royal palace of ancient Egypt, and to become king—pharaoh!—at the age of nine? And then one day to wake up dead and trapped in a tomb for three thousand years with nothing to read and no one to talk to except a ba-bird, a cow-headed bed with personality problems, and a few gilded gods? Tutankhamun, the famous boy-king of ancient Egypt, is here to tell us—in his own hieroglyphs. From driving chariots and annoying his sisters at the palace to playing board games with miniature statues in his tomb, he describes the ups and downs of his short life and his very long afterlife, and how everything changed when Howard Carter found him and his magnificent treasures in 1922 and introduced him—and his faithful but cheeky monkey, Fingers—to the modern world. From the author of How I Became a Mummy, this colorful first-hand account of the life and times of Egypt’s best-loved pharaoh will fascinate children and Egyptologists of all ages.

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Leena Pekkalainen is a writer and artist who studied Egyptology at Manchester University. Together with Mr. Mummific, who appeared on her sketchpad one day when she was taking a break from her studies, she writes about ancient Egypt on She is the author of How I Became a Mummy (AUC Press, 2016) and Mummies, Monsters, and the Ship of Millions (AUC Press, 2017).

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