Fiction in Translation

All the Battles

Maan Abu Taleb
Translated by Robin Moger

When he first showed up at Captain Ali’s run-down boxing club, Saed was mocked for his bourgeois manners then humiliated in the ring...

13.5X20 cm
$17.95 - LE200
ISBN 9789774168475
For sale worldwide

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Gold Dust Ibrahim al-Koni
Translated by Elliott Colla
ISBN 9789774167393
Granada Radwa Ashour
Translated by William Granara
ISBN 9789774162305
Heads Ripe for Plucking Mahmoud Al-Wardani
Translated by Hala Halim
ISBN 9789774161889
Homecoming Sixty Years of Egyptian Short Stories Selected and translated by Denys Johnson-Davies
ISBN 9789774166549
House of the Wolf An Egyptian Novel Ezzat El Kamhawi
Translated by Nancy Roberts
ISBN 9789774166204
Hunger An Egyptian Novel Mohamed El-Bisatie
Translated by Denys Johnson-Davies
ISBN 9789774166808
I Saw Ramallah Mourid Barghouti
Translated by Ahdaf Soueif
Foreword by Edward W. Said
ISBN 9789774247552
I Was Born There, I Was Born Here Mourid Barghouti
Translated by Humphrey Davies
ISBN 9789774166501
In a Fertile Desert Modern Writing from the United Arab Emirates Selected and translated by Denys Johnson-Davies
ISBN 9789774162183
Judgment Day Rasha al Ameer
Translated by Jonathan Wright
ISBN 9789774164811
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