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Ibrahim  Nasrallah


Ibrahim Nasrallah was born to Palestinian parents in Jordan in 1954, and grew up in a refugee camp there. After working as a teacher and a journalist, in 1996 he became vice-president of Darat al-Funun, Jordan’s most prominent art and cultural center. He has written fifteen collections of poetry and eleven novels as well as works of literary criticism. He is also a painter and photographer.

To read an article by Nasrallah entitled 'Writing Palestinian Historical Fiction' (December 22, 2012, Culture+Conflict), click here.

Available by this author

Gaza Weddings ISBN 9789774168444
Inside the Night ISBN 9789774160974
The Lanterns of the King of Galilee ISBN 9789774166662
Time of White Horses ISBN 9789774167577
Time of White Horses ISBN 9789774164897

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