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A Muslim Manual of War

being Tafrij al-kurub fi tadbir al-hurub by ‘Umar ibn Ibrahim al-Awsi al-Ansari Edited and translated by George T. Scanlon
Foreword by Carole Hillenbrand
Free online facsimile anniversary edition


Its Foundation and Early Urban Development Wladyslaw B. Kubiak

Free online facsimile edition of the classic account of one of Egypt's most important archaeological urban sites

Ayyubid Cairo

A Topographical Study Neil D. MacKenzie

Free online facsimile edition of the classic survey of the layout of medieval Cairo

Islamic History through Coins

An Analysis and Catalogue of Tenth-Century Ikhshidid Coinage Jere L. Bacharach

An investigation of what historians can learn through the study of coins

Writing Egypt

History, Literature, and Culture Edited by Aleya Serour

Literary Criticism

The View from Within

Writers and Critics on Contemporary Arabic Literature Edited by Ferial Ghazoul
Barbara Harlow

An anthology drawn from the Cairo-based journal Alif that opens a window onto contemporary Arabic literature and thought

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