June 2017 e-Newsletter
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Denys Johnson-Davies

In This Issue

Denys Johnson-Davies

The American University in Cairo Press notes with great sadness the passing of the leading and award-winning Arabic–English translator Denys Johnson-Davies, one month before his ninety-fifth birthday.

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The Dream

Book Of The Month

The Dream
A Diary of the Film

By Mohammad Malas
Introduced by Samirah Alkassim

A Syrian filmmaker’s haunting record of his time in Lebanon’s Palestinian refugee camps...

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Divine Creatures book cover

Book Reviews & Author News

“Hamdouchi is an artful storyteller unafraid of loose ends, and will lift the ground from beneath you just when it feels most solid”
Book review of Abdelilah Hamdouchi’s novel Whitefly, translated by Jonathan Smolin (Hoopoe, 2016)
TANK Magazine | Volume 8, Issue 12 | The Book Issue, Summer 2017, Nesrine Malik

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Frankfurt Book Fair


11 – 15 October
Frankfurt Book Fair
Frankfurt, Germany

11 December
The Naguib Mahfouz Medal for Literature Award Ceremony
AUC Tahrir Campus

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AUC Press Bookstores

Inside The Bookstores

As Trevor Naylor, AUC Press associate director for sales & marketing, says in his Reading Corner this month, “all these books are infinitely varied, as are the world’s cultures, but serve as a starting point in experiencing the world.” For Ramadan, he has selected a couple of interesting books about food that shed light on the history of famous recipes and the world of spices.

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AUC Press Authors

Meet The Authors During Ramadan

How was Ramdan celebrated in mediaval Egypt? What are common sayings in today’s Ramadan? Do families still gather to share iftar? What are some of the highlights of the holy month? We reached out to AUC Press authors to find that out...

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