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Information for authors submitting manuscripts and proposals to the AUC Press.

The AUC Press publishes books relating to Egypt and the Middle East, in five broad subject categories:

  • Arabic Literature in Translation
  • Archaeology & Egyptology
  • Middle East Studies, which includes books on:
    • Social Studies and Women’s Studies
    • History and Biography
    • Politics and Current Affairs
    • Religious Studies
    • Economic Development
    • Language Studies & Dictionaries
  • Architecture & the Arts
  • Travel Literature & Guidebooks

We do not publish children’s books.

Following are submission guidelines for both nonfiction and fiction. Please make sure your own project meets our requirements and publishing programs before submitting material.


The AUC Press publishes Arabic fiction in English translation. We acquire English-language rights only for fiction that has already been published in Arabic, and then assign the book to a translator. For authors who have not published with us before, we will consider only novels for publication, not short stories or other fiction. We do not publish poetry or plays.

To submit your novel to the Press, please provide us with:

  1. one copy of your novel published in Arabic;
  2. one copy of your CV
  3. at least two reviews of your novel published in regional magazines or newspapers

We will need all three of the above before we can consider your novel for publication. Make sure to send us only one published novel: please do not send us two or more of your books for us to choose from. Translators are also welcome to submit proposals and sample translations for publication.


As a university publisher, the AUC Press requires that all manuscripts and proposals be submitted, reviewed, and approved by our Press Publications Committee, made up of academics from a variety of disciplines at the American University in Cairo. As such, manuscripts by academics are rigorously reviewed for level of scholarship, quality of research, and originality.

We are happy to consider proposals or partial manuscripts, and to encourage and guide writers if a proposal seems good to us.

Because of mailing costs, we cannot send printed materials such as books and manuscripts back to every person who has sent us a submission.

Please address editorial queries to:

Neil Hewison
Associate Director for Editorial Programs
Tel: (+20 2) 797-6892

Chip Rossetti
Senior Editor
Tel: (+20 2) 797-6642

Proposals and manuscripts should be mailed to:

Chip Rossetti
The American University in Cairo Press
113 Sharia Kasr el Aini
PO Box 2511
Cairo 11511

For further information on formatting, style, and permissions guidelines, please review our “Guide for Authors”.

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