“Magdi Yacoub is clearly an extraordinary man. He did things his way.”

Q&A with Simon Pearson and Fiona Gorman, authors of “A Surgeon and a Maverick: The Life and Pioneering Work of Magdi Yacoub”

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Remembering Tarek Swelim (1958–2023)

AUC Press was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of art historian Dr. Tarek Swelim, who died on 2 September 2023 after a long and courageous battle with cancer.

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Celebrating Women in Translation Month

In the vast world of literature, translation acts as a bridge that connects different cultures and allows stories to transcend geographical boundaries. It’s an art that not only carries the…

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Fun spring and summer reads

Featured Collection

A Stranger in Baghdad

Elizabeth Loudon

I Do Not Sleep

Ihsan Abdel Kouddous, Jonathan Smolin

The Lady of Zamalek

Ashraf El-Ashmawi, Peter Daniel

Of Sea and Sand

Denyse Woods

A Recipe for Daphne

Nektaria Anastasiadou

Embrace on Brooklyn Bridge

Ezzedine C. Fishere, John Peate

The Men Who Swallowed the Sun

Hamdi Abu Golayyel, Humphrey Davies