AUC Political Economy & International Relations Series

Series editors:

Robert Mason, Simon Mabon, Ishac Diwan

This series welcomes contributions that address major contemporary political, economic, and international relations themes, trends, and debates of the region, including emerging scholarship that combines conceptually rigorous background from a broad survey of the literature, with a persuasive methodology and insightful analysis. While the focus is on the Middle East and North Africa, there is a realization that the topics covered may cut across disciplinary and geographic boundaries. Both high-quality monographs and edited volumes will be considered.

Proposals for either monographs or edited volumes should follow the AUC Press proposal submission guidelines. To submit a proposal or completed manuscripts please contact AUC Press senior commissioning editor, Nadia Naqib:

About the editors:

Robert Mason is a non-resident fellow at the Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington and a fellow with the Sectarianism, Proxies and De-sectarianisation project at Lancaster University. He specializes in Gulf politics and the international relations of the Middle East. Mason has been involved in policy initiatives ranging from co-hosting the 14th Korea-Middle East Cooperation Forum in Seoul in November 2017 to convening a European Union-Middle East policy roundtable event in Cairo in May 2019 and is a regular commentator on regional and international affairs. His latest books include New Perspectives on Middle East Politics: Economy, Society and International Relations (Cairo: AUC Press, 2021), Reassessing Order and Disorder in the Middle East: Regional Imbalance or Disintegration? (New York: Rowman and Littlefield, 2017), and Egypt and the Gulf: A Renewed Regional Policy Alliance (Berlin: Gerlach Press, 2016).

Simon Mabon holds a chair in international relations at Lancaster University, where he is also director of the Richardson Institute, the UK’s oldest peace and conflict research centre. His research falls at the intersection of international political theory and Middle East Studies, with a focus on sovereignty and the rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Mabon regularly appears on international media outlets and has discussed international affairs and Middle Eastern politics with the BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, France24, among others. His latest books include Houses Built on Sand (Manchester/New York: Manchester University Press/Oxford University Press, 2020) and The Struggle for Supremacy: Saudi Arabia and Iran (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2020). He tweets at @profmabon.

Ishac Diwan is professor of economics at Paris Sciences et Lettres, where he holds the chair of the Economy of the Arab World and teaches at the Ecole Normale Superieure. He directs the political economy program of the Economic Research Forum, where he runs two projects on the study of crony capitalism and the analysis of opinion surveys. Diwan’s current research interests focus on the political economy of the Middle East, in addition to broader development issues. His recent books include A Political Economy of the Middle East (co-authored with Melani Cammett; 2015) and Crony Capitalism in the Middle East (co-edited with Adeel Malik and Izak Atiyas; 2019). Diwan is a frequent consultant for governments and international organizations, having worked recently on policy issues in Sudan, Algeria, Lebanon, and Egypt. Previously, he worked at the World Bank—in the Research Complex, the World Bank Institute, and in Operations. He has lived in Addis Ababa (2002–2007) and Accra (2007–2011), as the World Bank’s country director in East and then West Africa.