AUC Political Economy & IR

Book Series Announcement

Political Economy and International Relations of the Middle East

Series editors: Robert Mason (The American University in Cairo) and Simon Mabon (Lancaster University)

This series welcomes contributions that address major contemporary political, economic, and international relations themes, trends, and debates of the region, including emerging scholarship that combines conceptually rigorous background from a broad survey of the literature, with a persuasive methodology and insightful analysis. While the focus is on the Middle East and North Africa, there is a realization that the topics covered may cut across disciplinary and geographic boundaries. Both high-quality monographs and edited volumes will be considered.

The series forms part of the AUC Press’s commitment to promoting new and innovative contributions to supplement its monograph program and to attracting the best work in this important area of research.

Proposals for either monographs or edited volumes should follow the AUC Press proposal submission guidelines.

To submit a proposal or completed manuscript please contact AUC Press senior commissioning editor, Nadia Naqib: