Egyptian recipes for late summer

Are you celebrating with your family and friends,  holding summer parties, or invited to a picnic, but just don’t know what to cook?

Why not try a new recipe? Something typically Egyptian? Maybe even a dish dating back to the pharaohs?

What about tuna in papyrus? Or lotus bread? Or tiger nut dessert? This menu comes straight out of The Pharaoh’s Kitchen: Recipes from Ancient Egypt’s Enduring Food Traditions by Magda Mehdawy and Amr Hussein.

For a more modernistic flavor you could prepare fish with tahina sauce (samak bi-l-tahina) or for a vegetarian twist  spinach turnovers (fatayer bi-l-sabanekh). Egyptian Cooking and Other Middle Eastern Recipes by Samia Adbennour has a very eclectic variety of recipes from across the Arab world.

And for an all-time sweet classic in Egyptian cuisine, Nehal Leheta shares just the right ingredients on how to make the perfect ‘Ali’s Mother’—Om Ali with Mixed Nuts, in Authentic Egyptian Cooking: From the Table of Abou El Sid.

Enjoy the cooking and the great company!



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