R.G. “John” Gayer-Anderson

R.G. Gayer-Anderson was born in 1881, educated at Tonbridge School, and qualified as a doctor in 1903 from Guy’s Hospital, London. He received his commission in the Royal Army Medical Corps in the following year and was seconded to the Egyptian Army in 1906. He spent the rest of his career in the service of Egypt, first in the Army then in the Egyptian Civil Service, and in 1923–24 as Oriental Secretary to the High Commissioner, Lord Allenby. In 1935, at his request, the Egyptian government gave him possession on certain conditions of the sixteenth-century Bait al-Kretliya, which he occupied until 1942, when he left Egypt for reasons of health. The Bait al-Kretliya, furnished with his remarkable collections, became the Gayer-Anderson Museum, which remains open to visitors to this day. In recognition of this gift and of his services to Egypt, King Farouk bestowed on him the rank of Lewa (Major General), carrying with it the title of Pasha. He died in 1945 and is buried at Lavenham in Suffolk, England.