The New Look of the AUC Bookstores


The AUC Bookstores have had a busy summer, working hard to complete the biggest overhaul in how we present our range of books to our diverse customer base across New Cairo, Downtown, and in Maadi.

auctahrirbookstoreaug2017_3The AUC Bookstores have always had Egypt and Egyptian themes at their center, going all the way back to the 1980s. This part of our identity stems from the publishing of AUC Press and the many books which reflect all aspects of Egypt’s past and present. The Downtown (Tahrir) store has always drawn visitors and appears in all guidebooks as the place to buy books about this country and the region. Our proximity to the Egyptian Museum is helpful too.

After the revolution of 2011 business with tourists and foreign workers has fallen away dramatically until recently, when a steady increase in new customers has encouraged AUC Bookstores to rebuild its core strengths and now if you visit us you will find our Everything Egypt area which presents all the books, in English, you could ever need to read if you want to enjoy and understand this fascinating country.

Education lies at the heart of the AUC mission overall and a new area which AUC Bookstores have entered strongly is books for children and schools. With the widest range and the best value we now have a large area for children, parents, teachers and librarians to browse and select from. For children’s books we have ranges to see in Tahrir, New Cairo, and Maadi (CSA), as well as being ready to visit schools, and attend book days there.

One of the main attractions for visitors to our stores from September onwards will be the large number of new books published by AUC Press and the many titles being imported to our stores from the USA and UK for the first time. The new look interior presentation of books, gifts, and some very attractive stationery means anyone making the journey to visit will find something to buy.

Books and bookstores the world over have to fight for attention in this crowded, media-centered world. Despite the auctahrirbookstoreaug2017_2immediacy of the internet, and the availability of information online, a book still holds a special place in people’s lives. Book sales increase each year, and the number of books published grows and grows. It is the role of the AUC Bookstores to select the best of these for the kinds of customers who come to us for choice and value. This summer we have put together a great offering, and from now till the new year lots and lots of great books will be coming to our stores.

Please do remember that in Tahrir you get a 20% discount on the first Saturday of each month. Click here for all the hours and addresses of the AUC Bookstores.

By Trevor Naylor
AUC Press Associate Director, Sales & Marketing
August 2017



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