Bleeding “strikingly alive” imagery

In their recent review of Bled Dry, a Moroccan novel by Abdelilah Hamdouchi, Wawa Book Review praises the texture of the author’s style of writing. “The imagery is detailed and strikingly alive, immersing the reader in the narrative.”

Nezha wasn’t yet twenty years old, but she looked like a prostitute on the verge of early retirement. Layer after layer of makeup had transformed the softness and innocence of her face, giving her a severe pallor. Wrinkles from frequent all-nighters were carved deeply into her features. She had difficulty erasing the blue hue of her lips caused by all the smoking, and the whiteness of her teeth had given way to a strange yellowish color.

Bled Dry, the gruesome double murder of an ill-fated, young prostitute and her lover, “digs into the minds as well as the actions and inaction of people who live in the slums of Casablanca,” writes Wawa Book Review.  It’s “a novel that thematises issues such as infidelity, debauchery, bribery and corruption, violence, drug abuse and religious extremism.”

Hamdouchi is also the author of Whitefly and The Final Bet, both novels translated by Jonathan Smolin and published by Hoopoe in 2016.

Click here to read the full review of Bled Dry.

Hoopoe is an imprint of AUC Press.


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