AUC Press partners with GEM for school trip

Early last month, AUC Press partnered with the Great Egyptian Museum (GEM) to take a group of Cairo high school students on a “GEM Adventure.” The one-day school outing comprised a tour of the new museum’s Conservation Center and special microscope lab, a talk about the safety measures required to move the priceless artifacts to their new 480,000-square-meter structure very near the Pyramids in Giza, and a brief description of the construction of the museum—the largest in the world dedicated to a single civilization—due to open in 2020.







Among its most spectacular features will be the full Tutankhamun collection, with many pieces to be displayed for the first time. AUC Press distributed free copies of Tutankhamun: In My Own Hieroglyphs by Leena Pekkalainen (AUC Press, 2018) to the students, in the hope of raising their interest in ancient Egypt and the legendary boy pharaoh.



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