Praise for AUC Press & Hoopoe authors & books

Alternative Perspectives on Cairo
An interview with curator and architectural historian Mohamed Elshahed, author of the bestseller Cairo since 1900: An Architectural Guide (AUC Press 2020), about the exhibition taking place in New York in October that will showcase pictures of Cairo’s twentieth-century modern architecture.
Ahram Online, Dina Ezzat, August 27

A groundbreaking publication. . . A History of Arab Graphic Design is filled with exquisite examples and is worth buying for the images alone, but of course a better appreciation for the work and the contexts in which they were created is gained by reading the rich history that accompanies the images.”—Amanda Horton, Technical Communication, August 2021
Review of A History of Arab Graphic Design by Bahia Shehab and Haytham Nawar (AUC Press, 2020)

Egypt’s Wildest Women
The Cairo Review of Global Affairs, Pascale Ghazaleh, July 27
Review of Raphael Cormack’s Midnight in Cairo (AUC Press, 2021)

Other Words for Dark: 10 Horror, Crime, and Thriller Novels in Translation for 2021
The Lady of Zamalek: A Novel by Ashraf El-Ashmawi, translated by Peter Daniel (Hoopoe, 2021)
LitReactor, Leah Dearborn, July 21

Delightful. . . interesting . . . intriguing. . . ‘Dealing with the Dead’ provides an insightful peek into an often overlooked period of Egyptian history.”—Nicky van de Beek blog, July 18
Review of Dealing with the Dead in Ancient Egypt: The Funerary Business of Petebaste by Koenraad Donker Van Heel (AUC Press, 2021)

“‘Open Gaza’ is a book that dares to subvert the tired old narratives of despair”
The Markaz Review, Hadani Ditmars, July 15

“The book’s arguments are abundantly supported by photos and visual documents” Contemporary Levant, Karim Pourhamzavi, July 14
Reviews of Open Gaza: Architecture of Hope, edited by Michael Sorkin and Deen Sharp (AUC Press, 2021)

The journey of a new book into Middle Eastern cuisine
Ahram Online, Ghada Abdel-Kader, July 15
Review of Bilhana: Wholefood Recipes from Egypt, Lebanon, and Morocco by Yasmine Elgharably and Shewekar Elgharably, photographs by Yehia El-Alaily (AUC Press, 2021)

The shoot stops for no one: The labor behind the camera in Egyptian film and TV
Mada Masr, Bahira Amin, July 13
Review of Chihab El Khachab’s Making Film in Egypt: How Labor, Technology, and Mediation Shape the Industry (AUC Press, 2021)

“This handsome and timely volume represents the first comprehensive catalog of [Wissa] Wassef’s works”
AramcoWorld, Kyle Pakka, July 6
Review of The Architecture of Ramses Wissa Wassef by Conchita Añorve-Tschirgi and Ehsan Abushadi, photography by Nour El Refai (AUC Press, 2021)



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