Happy Earth Day – April 22


On Earth Day 2021, we celebrate Egypt’s flora, fauna, and wildlife.


Desert Plants of Egypt’s Wadi El Gemal National Park
By Tamer Mahmoud

“An invaluable companion to visitors”—Caryll Faraldi, Egyptian Mail




The Fayoum: History and Guide; Revised Edition
By R. Neil Hewison

Recommended by Lonely Planet




The Desert Garden: A Practical Guide
By Irina Springuel 

Outlines Egypt’s natural vegetation and describes the habitats where its most popular plants can be found in the wild.




A Field Guide to the Mammals of Egypt
By Richard Hoath

The first comprehensive field guide to every mammal species recorded in contemporary Egypt, from gazelle to gerbil, from hyena to hyrax.




Egypt’s Wildlife: Past and Present
An AUC Press Nature Foldout

By Dominique Navarro

Tracing the history of Egypt’s extinct species reveals an unusual timeline of geological transformations and climate change.



Birds of the Nile Valley
An AUC Press Nature Foldout
By Dominique Navarro

Fifty migrating and resident species of the Nile Valley with map listing birdwatching and wintering/breeding locations



Egypt’s Flora and Fauna
An AUC Press Nature Foldout
By Dominique Navarro

The Nile nourishes an array of habitats, flora, and fauna often overlooked by the archaeologically curious tourist.



Ancient Egypt’s Wildlife
An AUC Press Nature Foldout

By Dominique Navarro

From the date palm and the blue lotus to the griffon vulture and the hoopoe, the plants and animals on ancient Egyptian tomb walls spring to life in this lively and useful guide.




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