About ‘Bilhana’

Bilhana: Wholefood Recipes from Egypt, Lebanon, and Morocco
By Yasmine Elgharably, Shewekar Elgharably, Photographs by Yehia El-Alaily
(AUC Press, 2021)

Praise about the book:

“From stews to sweets, there is something enticing here for every type of cook. Some recipes take ten minutes (fried eggs and dates, fattoush salad) while others require four hours and overnight soaking time (spiced beans with tahini). Beautiful photographs of dishes accompany each recipe, as do potential modifications. . . Bilhana will encourage readers to use whole ingredients and make the most of their pantries.’’—Booklist

A celebration of culinary traditions, yet suited to modern-day . . . something for every meal planner yearning for a Middle Eastern treat.’’—The National

“This is a beautifully crafted book, both visually and in terms of content, and I do not hesitate to say that I have fallen in love with it.”’—Ahram Weekly

Middle Eastern cuisine is renowned the world over for its sophistication, variety, and flavor. Bilhana (Egyptian for ‘bon appétit’) brings a contemporary twist to traditional Middle Eastern dishes with the use of healthy cooking methods and the freshest ingredients the region has to offer. Spanning the vast area south of the Mediterranean from the East (Lebanon and Egypt) to the West (Morocco), from simple mezze or breakfast dishes to elaborate stews and roasts, the recipes in this book showcase the vibrant colors and immense variety of Middle Eastern cooking as well as being easy to follow. Included are recipes for Roasted Eggplant with Tahini, Alexandrian Grilled Shrimp, Shakshuka, Moroccan Lamb Stew, Vegan Moussaka, Green Beans in Garlic and Caramelized Onions, Pomegranate and Guava Salad, and much more. Exquisitely illustrated with more than 130 full-color photographs.




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