Reviews – October 2021


“This book presents a close look at each pottery’s distinct techniques, wares, and business.”
About Fayoum Pottery Fayoum Pottery: Ceramic Arts and Crafts in an Egyptian Oasis by R. Neil Hewison (AUC Press, forthcoming, November 2021)
Ceramics Monthly 2022 Yearbook

“Filled with emotional urgency and political immediacy, Sahar Khalifeh spins an epic tale”
Review of My First and Only Love by Sahar Khalifeh, translated by Aida Bamia (Hoopoe, 2021)
The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, October

“Adel Kamel’s masterful novel is filled with compelling drama, vivid characters and subtle humor.”
Review of The Magnificent Conman of Cairo by Adel Kamel, translated by Waleed Almusharaf (Hoopoe, 2020)
The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, October

“[W]ritten with Fadel’s masterful, narrative control and searing, historical insight”
Review of A Shimmering Red Fish Swims with Me by Youssef Fadel translated by Alexander E. Elinson (Hoopoe, 2019)
The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, October

“The expert-level writings . . . offer invaluable insights . . . into the extreme complexities of the region.”
Review of New Perspectives on Middle East Politics: Economy, Society, And International Relations, edited by Robert Mason (AUC Press, 2021)
The Midwest Book Review, September 2021

“Armana provides tremendous insight for Egyptologists and scholars into daily life in Egypt 3,000 years ago.”
Review of Amarna: A Guide to the Ancient City of Akhetaten by Anna Stevens (AUC Press, 2021)
AramcoWorld, Sophie Kazan, June 28

“If you’re contemplating learning Arabic, this gem, written by a British diplomat, is a must.”
Review of Thirteen Ways to Make A Plural: Preparing to Learn Arabic by Jacob Halpin (AUC Press, 2020)
AramcoWorld, Mae Ghalwash, March 10


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