Reviews | December 2021

“Inherently fascinating and impressively informative”
About Fayoum Pottery: Ceramic Arts and Crafts in an Egyptian Oasis by R. Neil Hewison, (AUC Press, December 2021)
Midwest Book Review, December

“[P]rovides a rich picture of the Cairo suburb of Maadi”
About Annalise J.K. DeVries’s book Maadi: The Making and Unmaking of a Cairo Suburb 1878-1962 (AUC Press, 2021)
Ahram Online, December 7

Rana Haddad, author of The Unexpected Love Objects of Dunya Noor (Hoopoe, 2018), has written a two-part series feature titled ‘Syria through British Eyes’ in The Markaz Review
November 29 & December 6

The Lady of Zamalek by Ashraf El Ashmawi, translated by Peter Daniel, (Hoopoe, 2021) was selected as one of “Our 51 Favorite Books of 2021” by Washington Independent Review of Books, November 29

“One of the best books written by Palestinians authors”
About My First and Only Love by Sahar Khalifeh, translated by Aida Bamia (Hoopoe, 2021)
Happy Mag, Ria Pandey, November 29

“Highly recommended”
About The Luxor Obelisk and Its Voyage to Paris by Apollinaire Lebas, translated by Bob Brier and Colette Fossez Sumner (AUC Press, 2021)
CHOICE, J. Decker, Rochester Institute of Technology, November issue

“Highly recommended”
About Open Gaza: Architectures of Hope, edited by Michael Sorkin and Deen Sharp (AUC Press, 2021)
CHOICE, L. E. Carranza, Roger Williams University, November issue

“[A] fascinating and well-organized book”
About Scanning the Pharaohs: CT Imaging of the New Kingdom Royal Mummies by Zahi A. Hawass and Sahar Saleem (AUC Press, paperback edition, 2018)
Radiology Technology, Patti Hensel, September / October issue

“[C]ritical as it revisits debates on gender, masculinity and political discourse in African football fandom and protest cultures”
About Cairos Ultras: Resistance and Revolution in Egypt’s Football Culture by Ronnie Close (AUC Press, 2019)
Critical Arts, Lyton Ncube, April

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