Praise & Reviews – February 2022

“An unprecedented exploration . . . a reference on mosaic technique, iconography, architectural context, and workshop production . . . . Included are never-before-published pictures of mosaics. . . . Highly recommended”
About Mosaics of Alexandria: Pavements Of Greek and Roman Egypt by Anne-Marie Guimier-Sorbets, translated By Colin Clement (AUC Press, 2021)
CHOICE, March issue

“Compelling . . . . very poetic”
About Traces: A Memoir by Gamal al-Ghitani, translated by Nader K. Uthman
Ahram Online, Dina Ezzat, February 11

“Carefully dissects the complex relationship between Cairo, the cinematic version of the city, and the Cairo that falls between the real and the reel.”
About Cinematic Cairo: Egyptian Urban Modernity From Reel To Real, edited by Nezar AlSayyad and Heba Safey Eldeen (AUC Press, forthcoming)
Ahram Online, Dina Ezzat, February 9

Interview with Jonathan Smolin, translator of I Do Not Sleep by Ihsan Abdel Kouddous (Hoopoe, 2022) Jadaliyya, February 3

“ [This] multi-sited ethnographic approach, coupled with the sensitivity that the author demonstrates in his conversations with Egyptian migrants, make for an empirically rich account of labor migration to the Gulf.”
About Samuli Schielke’s Migrant Dreams: Egyptian Workers in the Gulf States (AUC Press, 2020)
Mashriq & Mahjar, February 2

“Aidan Dodson is steadily building up quite a library of well-presented coffee table books aimed at the general reader, each focusing on a specific pharaoh.”
About The First Pharaohs: Their Lives and Afterlives by Aidan Dodson (AUC Press, 2021)
Ancient Egypt magazine, January/February issue

“A beautifully illustrated and thoroughly researched look at pottery making in Egypt that will appeal to anyone interested in the art form.”
About Fayoum Pottery: Ceramic Arts And Crafts In An Egyptian Oasis by R. Neil Hewison
Library Journal, Sandra Knowles, December 10, 2021

Open Gaza counters [an] increasingly sophisticated architecture of brutality with an architecture of hope inspired by the Gaza population’s will to live and remain connected to the world.”
About Open Gaza: Architectures of Hope, edited by Michael Sorkin and Deen Sharp (AUC Press, 2021)
International Journal of Middle East Studies, Nicola Perugini, Volume 53 / Issue 4 / November 2021

“This book has filled a significant gap in the secondary literature on the subject of ethnic minorities in the modern Middle East and will remain an important resource for the foreseeable future.”
About The Greeks and the Making of Modern Egypt by Alexander Kitroeff (AUC Press, 2019)
Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies journal, George Vassiadis, Volume 45 / Issue 2 / October 2021

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