Alixa Naff Prize

Time and Power: 2023 Alixa Naff Prize Winner

AUC Press author Melissa Gatter has won the 2023 Alixa Naff Prize in Migration Studies for her “timely, innovative, and theoretically sophisticated contribution to studies of displacement” in her book Time and Power in Azraq Refugee Camp: A Nine-to-Five Emergency (AUC Press, 2023).

Time and Power in Azraq Refugee Camp is part of the Refugees and Migrants within the Middle East series edited by Dawn Chatty, Stacy D. Fahrenthold, and Annika Rabo, and published by the AUC Press.

The book is a significant contribution to the field of forced migration studies, refugee narratives, and displacement studies, and offers valuable insights into the lives of refugees in the Azraq camp for Syrian refugees in Jordan.

It is always an honor and a great token of appreciation when a book receives an important award. All the more so when the prize-winning publication covers a sensitive and topical subject that is of great relevance and value in the current geopolitical climate of major crisis and displacement. Publishing critical research and giving a voice to the voiceless is an essential part of the AUC Press’ mission. Therefore, it is a great honor for us that the author, Melissa Gatter, entrusted us with her work.”

Verlee DeLaet, AUC Press Executive Director

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