A Gift of Geology: A Virtual Book Talk

Virtual event | 7pm Cairo | 5pm London | 12pm New York


Gift of Geology Virtual Book Talk


Join us for a virtual book talk with Colin Reader as he walks us through his recently published book A Gift of Geology: Ancient Egyptian Landscapes and Monuments (AUC Press, 2023).

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In this engagingly written book, Colin Reader invites readers to explore the influence of geology and landscape on the development of the cultures of ancient Egypt.

After describing the landscape of Egypt today and introducing key elements of the ancient Egyptian worldview, he provides a basic geological toolkit to address issues such as geological time and major earth-forming processes.


The developments that gave the geology of Egypt its distinct character are explored, including the uplifting of mountains along the Red Sea coast, the evolution of the Nile River, and the formation of the vast desert areas beyond the Nile Valley. As the story unfolds, elements of Egypt’s rich archaeology are introduced, together with discussions of mining and quarrying, construction in stone, and how the country’s rich geological heritage allowed the culture of ancient Egypt to evolve.

Described by Ancient Egypt Magazine as “Fascinating . . . hugely ambitious . . . .This is a book that should be on every Egyptologist’s bookshelf.”

You can purchase your copy of this book from major bookstores and online book retailers worldwide.

More information about the book can be found here.