Book Talk: Urban Conservation as a Vehicle for Sustainable Development in Cairo – TCF event

AUC Tahrir Square - Oriental Hall. From 6pm to 7pm

Urban conservation has transcended mere restoration and the preservation of cultural and natural assets. It is a multidisciplinary process incorporating all aspects of heritage management processes spanning from meticulous documentation to adaptive reuse, fostering community engagement. Join us for a thought-provoking discussion led by Dr. Ahmed Sedky as he introduces a comprehensive process that should be designed and implemented to achieve sustainable development adhering to SDGs principles and the UN’s new urban agenda shoulder to shoulder with local communities’ interests and aspirations. Dr. Sedky will illuminate the progress made in Cairo thus far and outline the forthcoming steps essential for further advancement.

Ahmed Sedky, Urbanist and Heritage Management Consultant, and AUC Press author of Living with Heritage in Cairo, and this talk is scheduled as part of the Tahrir Cultural Festival organized by the American University in Cairo.

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Living with Heritage in Cairo
“Living with Heritage in Cairo: Area Conservation in the Arab-Islamic City” by Ahmed Sedky (AUC Press, 2009)