Ordering for Individuals

AUC Press publications are sold and distributed worldwide and are available at bookstores and online retailers wherever books are sold. Many of our titles are also available as e-books worldwide at your e-book retailer of choice.


Ordering directly from AUC Press

Our website product pages often include a “where to buy” box. That box will direct customers to select retailers in select markets. For details of how to order directly from AUC Press in all regions, please see below.

In Egypt, to order by phone call: (20-2) 2797-6897. AUC Press books can also be ordered through the AUC Bookstores website and in person at the AUC Bookstores.

In North America (United States and Canada), customers can browse and purchase all AUC Press titles online via the AUC Press Indiepubs website. This is the most direct order fulfillment in this market.

In the United Kingdom, Europe & the rest of the world, IPS UK operates a warehouse on our behalf. They can accept direct payment from individuals and can be contacted at [email protected].


Please note that not all books are available in all markets. The market availability is noted on each book’s product page. Please contact us by email with further questions at [email protected].