Classic Egyptian Movies in the spotlight

On his blog Egypt in the Golden Age of Travel, Andrew Humphreys describes Classic Egyptian Movies: 101 Must-see Films by film critic Sameh Fathy, translated by Sarah Enany, and recently published by AUC Press, as “a fantastic new book.”

“Each of the films gets a write-up arguing the case for its greatness, complemented by a full cast list and other credits,”  writes Humphreys, himself a writer, author of Grand Hotels of Egypt (AUC Press, 2015, paperback edition) and On the Nile in the Golden Age of Travel (AUC Press, 2015).









From classic comedies like Salama Is Fine to social dramas like The Second Wife, and from literary adaptations like The Call of the Curlew to masterpieces of the cinematic art like The Night of Counting the Years, the author introduces us to each film’s writers, producers, directors, and stars, and explains the movie’s particular historical, cultural, or artistic significance. Illustrated throughout with posters and stills from all the movies covered.

“It’s interesting to see what makes the cut and what doesn’t,” comments Humphreys. To read his complete blog post, click here.







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