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Books and Movies for Summer

“A Nose and Three Eyes,” by Ihsan Abdel Kouddous finds itself in the spotlight in 2024. The novel was translated from the Arabic by Jonathan Smolin, and was published by Hoopoe.
Reimagined on the silver screen for a 2024 audience, featuring a stellar cast of Egyptian celebrities.

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Stress-Free Cooking for Your Retreat

When planning to celebrate with family and friends, hosting dinners at home, or pondering what culinary delights to prepare for your vacation getaway, AUC Press’ cookbooks can help.

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Summer is the Time for Good Books

As summer vacations approach, add these absorbing reads from AUC Press to your ‘Summer 2024’ reading list. You’ll find fantasy, magical realism, memoirs, Egyptology titles, and more to suit your taste

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Hoopoe's Latest Release

Hoopoe's Featured Novels

The Jinn Daughter

Rania Hanna

The House of the Coptic Woman

Ashraf El-Ashmawi, Peter Daniel

My First and Only Love

Sahar Khalifeh, Aida Bamia

History of Ash

Khadija Marouazi, Alexander E. Elinson