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Speaking about 'Educating Egypt: Civic Values and Ideological Struggles'

Author Linda Herrera

Interview with Jonathan Downs

The truths behind the discovery of the Rosetta Stone

The Story of Naguib Mahfouz's controversial 'Children of the Alley'

Banned and praised

“[E]xcellent and thought-provoking”—Al-Ahram Weekly.”

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Islamic Theology and the Problem of Evil

The Men Who Swallowed the Sun

A Novel

The Birds of Egypt and the Middle East

Discovery at Rosetta

Revealing Ancient Egypt


Childhood in Ancient Egypt


The Story of the Banned Book

Keda Mazbuut

A Grammar Book of Egyptian Colloquial Arabic with Exercises

The Birds of Egypt and the Middle East

Educating Egypt

Civic Values and Ideological Struggles

Ottoman Cairo

Religious Architecture From Sultan Selim To Napoleon



Egypt’s Forgotten Architecture (Revised And Expanded Edition)

Fish, Milk, Tamarind

A Book of Egyptian Arabic Food Expressions

Women in Ancient Egypt

Revisiting Power, Agency, and Autonomy

 Ancient Egyptian Architecture in Fifteen Monuments

Cinematic Cairo

Egyptian Urban Modernity from Reel to Real