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An Artist in Abydos

 The Life and Letters of Myrtle Broome

The Lady of Zamalek

A Novel

Midnight in Cairo

The Female Stars of Egypt’s Roaring ’20s


Wholefood Recipes From Egypt, Lebanon, and Morocco


Making Film in Egypt

How Labor, Technology, and Mediation Shape the Industry



Let’s Learn Egyptian Colloquial Arabic Verbs

On the Nile in the Golden Age of Travel

Bounded Knowledge

Doctoral Studies in Egypt

The Mosaics of Alexandria

Pavements of Greek and Roman Egypt

Sacred Flames

The Power of Artificial Light in Ancient Egypt


Birds of Egypt and the Middle East

Egyptian Flavors

50 Recipes

Ottoman Cairo

Religious Architecture From Sultan Selim to Napoleon

 Fayoum Pottery

Ceramic Arts and Crafts in an Egyptian Oasis

Writing the History of Mount Lebanon

Church Historians and Maronite Identity