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Can a mere ring alter the history of a country?

'Suleiman's Ring' by Sherif Meleka"

'It's Not Your Fault: Five New Plays on Sexual Harassment in Egypt'

Co-authors Jillian Campana & Dina Amin speak about their book

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Middle East Studies 2022

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Women in Ancient Egypt

Revisiting Power, Agency, and Autonomy


Spirit Possession, Music, and Healing Rituals in Egypt

The Disappearance of Mr. Nobody

A Novel

It’s Not Your Fault

Five New Plays on Sexual Harassment in Egypt


The Night Will Have Its Say

A Novel


Suleiman’s Ring

A Novel

Tutankhamun, King of Egypt

His Life and Afterlife

Time and Power in Azraq Refugee Camp

Ancient Egyptian Statues

Their Many Lives and Deaths

A Continuity of Shari’a

Political Authority and Homicide in the Nineteenth Century


Islamic Cairo in Maps

Finding the Monuments

A Stranger in Baghdad

A Novel

From Reading to Writing

A Novel

 A Surgeon and a Maverick

The Life and Pioneering Work of Magdi Yacoub

Upper Intermediate Arabic Through Discussion