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Guidelines for submitting proposals and manuscripts to AUC Press

The AUC Press publishes books relating to Egypt and the Middle East, in twelve broad areas:

  • Arabic Language Learning
  • Archaeology & Ancient Egypt
  • Art & Architecture
  • Business, Economics, and Environmental Studies
  • Coptic and Islamic Studies
  • Egypt Guidebooks
  • Fiction
  • History
  • Literary Criticism
  • Middle East Studies
    • Middle East Urban Studies Series
    • Refugees and Migrants Within the Middle East Series
  • Middle East Travel
  • Naguib Mahfouz

Please send a full outline and proposal with the following:

  • description of the book
  • table of contents (with brief descriptions of the content of each chapter); if the proposal is for a collected volume (i.e., a multi-volume work), please also try to provide an initial list of contributors.
  • note on the target audience/market. The target audience gives us a sense of whom you’re writing for and at what level. It also helps us sell the book.
  • the importance of the book and what distinguishes it from other books covering the same or related topics. Please do take the time to research any titles that could compete with your book and to tell us in what ways yours is different.
  • projection of the number of words in the manuscript, including notes and bibliography (rather than number of pages)
  • number and type of illustrations (if any)
  • your intended manuscript completion date
  • if you view this book as a student text, for what courses and at what level would it be appropriate
  • a sample chapter
  • your CV, including a brief description of your academic interests and professional affiliations and any recent publications.

After reviewing the proposal we will be able to make an initial publishing decision, to be confirmed in due course by a complete review of the finished manuscript.


The AUC Press publishes Arabic fiction in English translation as recommended to us by a board of distinguished literary advisors. We do not accept submissions from authors, but we will consider proposals from translators.


The AUC Press welcomes proposals for scholarly monographs and general books concerning the Middle East and North African regions on a broad variety of topics including, but not limited to, Egyptology, eastern Mediterranean archaeology, art history, medieval and modern history, ethnography, environmental studies, migration, urban studies, gender, art and architectural history, religion, Middle-Eastern politics, political economy, and Arabic language learning.

All scholarly manuscripts are rigorously reviewed for level of scholarship, quality of research, and originality. We are happy to consider proposals or partial manuscripts, and to encourage and guide writers if a proposal seems good to us. Please send proposals to:

Nadia Naqib, Director, Editorial Acquisitions (Cairo) [email protected]

  • Modern and medieval history
  • Biography and autobiography
  • Political science (politics, political economy, and international relations)
  • Architecture

Nadine El-Hadi, Senior Acquisitions Editor (Cairo) [email protected]

  • Fiction
  • Arabic Language Learning

Anne Routon, Senior Acquisitions Editor (New York) [email protected]

  • Anthropology
  • Sociology
  • Art history and cultural studies (including film, theater, and music)

Style Guide

For information on formatting, style, and permissions guidelines, please review our “Guide for Authors.”